Majestic Filatures Camo Print V-Neck Tee

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A bold camouflage print adds to the cool character of a short-sleeve tee fashioned from a featherweight and breathable blend of cashmere, Tencel lyocell and linen. Delicate mesh trims the V-neckline to enhance the airy look and feel.27 inch length (size 3)V-neckShort sleeves40 percent cashmere, 40 percent Tencel lyocell, 20 percent linenHand wash cold, dry flatMade in Portugalvia C

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According to Native American tradition, they have much flair with all of the available materials. To them, and they use the skins of deer, as well as fiber materials to make t shirt and beads Wampum (shell) also is used frequently in tribal Majestic Filatures Camo Print V-Neck Tee ornament. There are many different styles of beads with a symbol for each race.

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